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Attend the upcoming Lahaina Homeowners Webinar

Officials will discuss homeowner topics related to infrastructure, permitting, and rebuilding on June 27, 2024.

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June 29, 2024

First home in Lahaina to rebuild

Lahaina resident Gene Milne, whose home was under construction when it was destroyed in the Aug. 8 fire, has started rebuilding the first house in the Lahaina Impact Zone. He says he is doing 95 percent of the work himself to construct the ‘ohana, which he is hoping will be completed in six to seven months. “Getting started here, putting nails in boards, getting stuff done is huge for my healing,” he says. “I can feel like there’s an end, even though it’s a long way to go, there’s still an end to this tragedy.”

May 31, 2024

Lahaina's Homeowner's webinar

Officials discussed homeowner topics related to infrastructure (water, wastewater), permitting, and rebuilding. Registration is required.

February 29, 2024

Trending Topics: EPA's Water and Wastewater Support in Lahaina

Karl Banks Incident Commander of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  • What is the EPA’s role in regards to water and wastewater infrastructure assessment in the burned areas of Lahaina? (0:23-1:15)
  • What can the community expect while EPA crews are working? (1:16-3:27)
  • Why is EPA having night operations and what hours will crews work? (3:28-6:15)
  • Will residents be impacted by the work being conducted and if they will be impacted will they be notified ahead of time? (6:16-8:14)
  • Will there be any impacts to native wildlife as a result of light sensitivity when crews work at night? (8:15-10:12)
  • How can the community contact the EPA if they have questions or concerns? (10:13-11:29)
February 19, 2024

Office of Recovery: Trending Topics - Feb. 19, 2024

  • How the U.S. Army Corps is helping with debris clean-up
  • What you should look for when visiting your burned or destroyed property
  • What your contractor needs to know to access your property, and more

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