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Consolidated Debris Removal Program

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Last updated June 20, 2024

Important deadlines for homeowners:

IMPORTANT: June 15, 2024 is the application deadline to sign up for either the Alternative Debris Removal Program or obtain an approved Right-of-Entry (ROE) for the Government-Sponsored Consolidated Debris Removal, per adopted standards.


To be eligible for the government-sponsored clean-up of private properties, the property must contain a destroyed structure of at least 120 square feet or greater. Property owners must complete a Right-of-Entry (ROE) form by June 15, 2024 to allow the US Army Corps of Engineers and their contractors to access their property to conduct the debris removal

The government-sponsored debris removal program's enrollment deadline is June 15, 2024. No new Right-of-Entry forms will be accepted after that date. Click on the link below to view your Right-of-Entry.

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Debris Removal

Once a Right-of-Entry (ROE) application has been reviewed and approved by the County of Maui, the ROE will be transferred to the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for processing and scheduling.

Several factors determine when a lot will be scheduled for debris removal. To maximize efficiency, USACE will schedule their work based on priorities set by the County.

Debris Removal Closeout Package

Once the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has ensured that all fire-related debris has been removed from your property and soil testing meets standards, contractors will return to install erosion control methods. USACE will then report to the county that your lot is cleared. The county will provide you with a closeout package and notify you that your property is safe and ready for rebuilding.

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