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Last updated April 11, 2024

Explore Ola Lahaina, the central hub for online engagement in Lahaina's wildfire recovery efforts, provided by the County of Maui Office of Recovery. In Hawaiian, “ola” represents life, health and well-being, embodying our commitment to community resilience. Stay informed about in-person and online events, access feedback from fellow community members, and contribute to drafting Lahaina's long-term recovery plan. Join us as we come together to navigate challenges and foster growth, ensuring the vitality and well-being of Lahaina's residents.

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Past Events

WED., April 10, 2024

Disaster Recovery Community Update Meeting

At the County of Maui's weekly update meeting for Lahaina residents impacted by the 2023 August wildfires, the Community Planning team gave a presentation on the recovery planning process, and shared what we've heard from the community so far. Information boards were also on display for the public to learn about the various Recovery Support Function (RSF) teams.

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We can build back better by allowing others to build a bigger fire department and police station because ever since the fire I noticed that we barely had a fire department they needed to bring others from the mainland.

We also need an Aquatic center and a playground for kids to play where they could forget about everything that has happened.

Trisha S
Mar 27

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